Fangs and Claws

September 25, 2009

This is amazing! Beautifully drawn… ahhhhh…


I especially like the black-and-white one of the horse. =/




Haha after I saw the nat geo page I could not resist doodling this. =P


5 Responses to “Fangs and Claws”

  1. dongg said

    :O ooh someone’s been sketching! hahaha damn haven’t touched my sketchbook for damn long :/

    HA yes i like the horse one! (which reminds me of neil’s big-salt-horse-thing from art attack i think that one was the best)

    • yuanliang said

      hahha xD it doesn’t take long to sketch! this one took 2 mins or so because it’s so much easier when i’m not exactly drawing anything from imagination =/

      and i realised that my drawings come out better if i draw with my specs off =O

      one day i shall draw something original… right after h3 paper -_-

  2. dongg said

    0_O how does wearing specs affect! lol mmm draw molecule.

    lol. XD good luck for h3 hehh.

  3. yuanliang said

    i can draw better if i can’t see what i’m trying to draw and the actual drawing i’m producing! HAHA

    TY and NIGHTS =.= zzz

  4. k said

    wooooooo nice lion

    and haha at the ‘pride’ thing -.-

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